Thursday, March 14, 2019

Paris wants the city to be free of gasoline vehicles by 2030

The Paris mayor's office announced on Thursday that it would like by 2024 not to have diesel vehicles left in the capital or petrol cars in 2030, without banning them, to make Paris "a carbon neutral city in the medium and long term".
The mayor of this city of more than two million inhabitants, said however that there was no "prohibition" but it was only an objective.
The capital, governed by the socialist Anne Hidalgo, would thus advance the objective of the French Government, which announced in July the end of the sale of diesel and gasoline vehicles by 2040.
"If we want to achieve [that objective], this means that the output of diesel and gasoline will take place several years earlier in urban areas and particularly in large cities," the mayor said in his statement.
"The idea is to plan long term the end of the vehicles to thermal combustion, that is, of fossil energy, before 2030. It is a strategy that seeks to define a carbon neutral city in the medium and long term," he explained. Franceinfo television station ecologist Christophe Najdovski, local transport councilor.
"It is certainly feasible, several car manufacturers announced the end of diesel and are focusing more and more on electric motors," he said.
"The transport sector is one of the main sectors of greenhouse gas emissions," he recalled. "The city of Paris wants to take the lead, because time is of the essence," he added, noting that other countries, such as India, had announced the end of the vehicles with a thermal engine by 2030.
Anne Hidalgo has made the fight against air pollution one of her priorities, increasing bike lanes, some public transport and pedestrianizing roads, which has provoked strong criticism from motorists, mainly from the outskirts of the capital.

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