Thursday, March 14, 2019

New oil spill in the jungle of Peru

A new oil spill, the fifth in the year, occurred in the Amazon of Peru at a time when native communities are calling on the government to carry out prior consultations for new oil exploitation contracts, the supervisory authorities said.
The incident occurred on Wednesday at kilometer 23 of the Norperuano pipeline, administered by state oil company Petroperú, near the native communities of Nueva Esperanza and San Antonio, in the Loreto region, the Environmental Assessment and Enforcement Agency (OEFA) said in a statement. of the Ministry of the Environment.
"According to information provided by Petroperú SA, the spill would have been caused by a vandalism and the company has proceeded to place a tarugo (patch) in the cut that would have been made to the pipeline and to implement containment barriers in order to avoid that the oil does not spread to unaffected areas, "OEFA reported.
The agency's supervisors verify the situation described and the execution of the contingency plan by Petroperú.
According to Petroperú, "the cut has been made under the same modality as the two produced in the current year, intentionally, using a grinder, so the first report has already been issued and the auditing entities are being notified."
Some 120 indigenous communities in the Loreto region, located in areas surrounding the Norperuano pipeline, have been protesting for several months over spills, and are asking the government to consult them before making hydrocarbon exploitation contracts.
In September, two spills were recorded at kilometer 50 of section I of the Norperuano pipeline, in the Santa Rosa indigenous community, Uraninas district. Petroperú denounced that it was provoked by third parties that made cuts in the pipeline.
That month there were two other spills in Lot 192, operated by the Canadian Pacific.
The Norperuano pipeline, one of the largest works carried out in the country, built four decades ago, transports crude oil from the Amazon region to Piura, on the coast, for about 800 km.
In 2016, there were 13 spills. According to Petroperú, 10 of them were caused by third parties. Currently the pipeline is not in operation, the company said.

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