Thursday, March 14, 2019

A 15-year-old Argentine denounces abuses by seven men at the end of the year

 15-year-old Argentine girl  reported that seven hooded men abused her sexually during the early hours of January 1 in the town of Villa Elisa, located in the province of Buenos Aires, police sources told Efe on Monday.
According to the story of the victim, who reported the facts to the police on the first day of the year at 2.15 in the morning (5.15 GMT), she was walking down the street when the seven alleged abusers, who were hooded and used signs to communicate , they boarded her and took her to an open field.
Once there, always according to the sources, they groped her and at the moment in which one of them tried to pass to more serious abuses, the minor managed to flee the place.
The tests carried out on the young woman show marks on the neck, but the alleged victim does not present injuries.
At the moment, the authorities are working on trying to identify the seven alleged criminals.
The investigation was in the hands of the Prosecutor's Office number 5 of La Plata, by Juan Menucci.
This fact is known after another minor, in this case of 14 years, filed a complaint against five young people for raping her in a campsite in the Buenos Aires town of Miramar, also during the night of the end of the year.
The five alleged rapists remain in custody for a crime of "aggravated sexual abuse with carnal access" and today at 7:00 pm (22:00 GMT) there will be a march in Miramar to repudiate their alleged acts. 

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