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Fear of new protests: Zimbabwe completely shuts down the Internet

After fierce riots in recent days, the government fears renewed calls for protests and their organization in the social media. Fearing new opposition protests, Zimbabwe’s government has ordered a total shutdown of the Internet until further notice. The move was justified because there are renewed attempts on social media to organize protests for next week, Deputy

40 Million Deal: Google Buys Smartwatch Technology from Fossil

Google expands its engagement in smartwatches and buys know-how from the watch manufacturer Fossil. This should benefit Wear OS. Google and the Fossil Group have entered into an agreement under which Google will take over smartwatch technology under development from watchmaker Fossil and part of its research and development department. However, about 200 of these employees want

Pharmariese verifies stroke prevention via Apple Watch

Together with Apple, Johnson & Johnson plans to analyze how the smartwatch can help in the early detection of atrial fibrillation and prevent strokes. Johnson & Johnson, a US healthcare group, plans to investigate the use of the Apple Watch as a medical diagnostic tool: A study conducted in collaboration with Apple will clarify whether

Google: G Suite is 20 percent more expensive

US customers of Google’s G Suite will have to pay 20 percent more from April. The price increase also applies to Europe – but exact prices are still unknown. Google increases prices for its cloud platform G Suite: The base edition will cost from April one more US dollar, with the price rising to 6 US

January 2019 updates cause network problem in Windows 10

The January 8th and 15th, 2019 cumulative updates for Windows 10 cause a curious network error. As of January 17, 2019, Microsoft has added a “Known Issue” entry to the KB articles in Windows 10 updates. There, the company writes that some users report issues after installing the Windows 10 update (for example, KB4480116). Local websites can

Telegram bots can be taped

The service bots popular in telegram groups can also reveal information to outsiders. Forcepoint security researchers warn of potential privacy issues with using telegram bots. Under these circumstances, outsiders may gain access to complete communication of closed groups. The researchers exploited these vulnerabilities to create a botnet of infected machines. In telegram groups, bots often provide useful

Radeon VII slimmed down for the player market

After the presentation at CES, more details on AMD’s upcoming high-end graphics card Radeon VII have surfaced. The surprise was not only great when AMD boss Lisa Su announced the Radeon VII with a 7nm Vega graphics chip as part of her CES keynote . Since the fair more details have emerged and misunderstandings have been eliminated elsewhere. With the

Structural DSGVO violations at Netflix, Spotify, Amazon & Co.

Streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube or Spotify violate the GDPR, complains the NGO Noyb. In a test, no service could completely convince. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO), all users have a right to information. So you can ask Web services to return the raw data that has been stored about them. In reality, however,